Approval Methods


Express offers four approval methods:


Approval Workflows

Approval workflows allow organizations to customize the approval system within Express.  We’ll work with you to create an approval workflow specific to your organization.


Transfer Carts

Transfer carts allows an agency to establish shoppers and approvers.  Shoppers can create a cart but the order isn’t placed until an approver finalizes it.


Agency Approver

One to three people are set up as agency approvers for their agency. When a staff member places an order, an email is sent to the approvers and as soon as one of them approves the order, the order will be placed.


Finance Integration – SMART Finance System

Express can be a vendor in an agency’s SMART Finance System. Employees login to SMART, click “Shop” by Express and then search and place their order. The order goes back to SMART and follows the agency approval routing. More information can be found at


Finance Integration – Skyward

Express can be a vendor in an agency’s Skyward Finance System. Employees click on the Express online catalog and then search and place their order. Next it goes back to Skyward and the agency can run the order through its approval process. For more information, contact [email protected].



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